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With the first principle of Strength & Conditioning being individuality, every dog at Barker & Pooch has their own unique programme backed by programs from the Canine Exercise Science Institute - check them out below! Our Canine Fitness Coaches will happily advise the best approach for your dog after a consultation and fitness assessment.

Our Programmes


Programs designed for our newer dogs to build up a basic level of fitness and to ensure they can work confidently and comfortably in the gym before 

Dog Swimming
Let your dog build muscle on the treadmil at Barker & Pooch
Suitable for puppies to build a strong foundation of fitness for a longer, active, life
For Senior dogs, we provide a less intensive program, focusing on mainting mass and strength

Water Confidence

Perfect for puppies and first-time swimmers, our Water Confidence programme is designed to teach the correct swimming form and build confidence in the water, using a variety of techniques to ensure your dog is swimming comfortably and well!

CESI Strength & Conditioning 

The fundamentals of muscle building (hypertrophy), strength, and range of motion integral to providing your dog with a longer active life. 

Puppy Foundation Fitness

Building the foundation for a longer active life with low impact muscle development, strength training, and a dynamic balance of mobility and cardio training.

Senior Dog Fitness

A less intensive training program focusing on maintaining muscle mass, strength, and endurance, whilst working on improving joint stability and mobility to keep your senior pooch up and active!


Higher intensity programs catered to our dogs with a good basic level of fitness, allowing for more specific targetted (and performance-related) goals and progress.

Dog Swimming

CESI Advanced Strength & Conditioning

A combination of resistance training and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio work to get your dog into the best shape of their lives.

Dog Treadmill
Dog Treadmill, Dog Running

Performance Dogs

Training programs based on performance-related goals, whether that be through creating a winning aesthetic body through improving symmetry, muscular development, and body composition, or through power, speed, and injury prevention training for our competition dogs.

Working Dogs

Training programs focusing on strength, endurance, and job-specific conditioning to keep your dog operating at the best of its capabilities.

* If you are unsure on what specific fitness goal you would like your dog to reach, you can come down for a consultation where we will give you a recommendation
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