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A Longer Active Life

Barker & Pooch is a social enterprise founded to give dogs a longer active life.

Pioneers in applying exercise science to create specific fitness programs for your canine companion, we believe that the longer our dogs remain ACTIVE, the happier and healthier they'll be. 

Our Philisophy


It's a well known fact that, just like us, as our furry friend's get older their joints and muscles become weaker and are more prone to common injuries such as Hip Dysplasia. This is made worse so by a typical dog's weight distribution and Singapore's generally flat terrain. Through our different programs, we aim to reduce this risk and give our dogs a longer active life.

Whether you're looking to give your dog a better quality of life, or searching for more specific performance based goals (for those such as competition, working and show dogs), our expert trainers are always happy to help consult and create specific programs to achieve you and your dogs needs! Check out some of our general programs, and feel free to send in any inquiries here.

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