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At Barker & Pooch, we are pioneers in applying exercise science to create fitness programs specifically for your canine companions. The longer dogs remain your ACTIVE companion, the happier and healthier they will be.

Our Services

At Barker & Pooch, we pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality fitness training for your dogs. Schedule a 1:1 fitness session with our Experienced Canine Fitness Trainers who will customize a fitness program to specifically suit your dog. 


Check out some of our programs below!

Dog Pool Dog Swimming Dog Wellness

Fitness Swim Session (30 Mins)

Our 30-minute Fitness Swims are conducted one-on-one with our trained canine handlers who will be facilitating the entire swimming session to ensure that your dog is both mentally and physically stimulated.


Highly suitable for dogs of all sizes, breeds, temperaments, and ages, we tailor a program that suits your dog's physical condition and goals.

Dog Run, Dog Treadmill, Dog Wellness, Dog Swim

Gym and Treadmill Session (30 Mins)

Led by our dedicated team of fitness trainers, our gym sessions uses a multitude of equipment to help your dog achieve their fitness goals.


From our inclined treadmills to the KLIMB Platform and FirePaw Spring Pole, each session is individually catered to achieve the very best for your dog.

Chihuahua running dog treadmill

Full Fitness Session (1 Hour)

Our Full Fitness Sessions combines both the gym & swim sessions into a single program, coupling the benefits of both kinds of training.


Starting in the gym, our trainers will lead your dog through a 30min gym session followed by a 30min swim session, perfect for managing intensity & heat fatigue, as well as achieving your dog's fitness goals.

Meet Our Barker & Pooch Fit Dogs Family

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