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Cocker Spaniels

Slippers, Duchess, Loki, Spyro and Moonbeam

" I signed up my dogs with Barker and Pooch with the intent to further build their fitness and performance baseline as they are sporting performance dogs, ie compete actively or in training to compete actively in dog agility.


The intent is for Barker and Pooch to build up their foundation baseline performance and fitness, so I minimise chances of injuries when my dogs experienced muscle fatigue when they are competing.


Barker and Pooch helps build my dogs baseline fitness and performance so that I am assured of their fitness level and also work with me to achieve their performance goals and targets. The team are also fully capable of motivating my dogs as they go through their fitness training and making training fun for them.


My dogs completely loves coming into Barker and Pooch on weekly basis and have gone strength to strength with the help of Barker and Pooch and becoming fitter, stronger and high performance dogs.


I also loves that their mills are not mechanical and for me safer as the dogs truly moves at the speed of their capabilities. "

Ween Sze, Slippers, Duchess, Loki, Spyro and Moonbeam's Owner



" Bravo swims at BP weekly. For those who don't know, Bravo was born with a joint defect in his hind legs as well as a curved bone. He has lived his entire life with a limp.


On Sep 2018, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. However, BP's swimming program has given Bravo a glimmer of hope by strengthening and building his muscles.


The fitness professionals at BP give Bravo their upmost attention, taking precautions to ensure that Bravo does not slip or hurt himself during training. "

Lolita, Bravo's Owner

Toy Poodle


" Coco was 5kg overweight. As she had injured her front leg when she was a puppy, hence carrying extra weight is very bad for her. Her vet told me about Barker and Pooch, that they have a cold pool and incline treadmill for dogs.


After a first trial session of assessment, I took B&P recommendation and signed her up for 12 sessions of pool training.  The results are amazing, she has a much better shape and strength now. From being the slowest dog in the dog run chase, she is now one of the fastest. We swim with her often but it is not intensive like her pool training.  


From having a trunk shaped body, she now has a waist and muscle definition. The most important is she absolutely loves her swimming sessions and the team at B&P is fantastic, they are all dogs lovers and they gave her a lot of encouragement to during the training. I know Coco is well taken care of whenever I drop the big black bundle of joy off at Barker and Pooch. "

Frances, Coco's Owner

Staff are dedicated and knowledgeable, willing to explain concepts that may seem foreign to a layman dog owner. One-to-one coaching sessions ensure that the focus is fully on our dogs, big plus point

I bring my dog to Barker and Pooch often and he loves it there! Not only is the staff there knowledgeable about strength and conditioning principles, but they genuinely mean well and show much love to the pups as well:) Definitely worth a try!

The team at Barker & Pooch are always so patient with both Eve’s swimming (she had a tiny fear of water but no longer!) and our many questions

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