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Our diverse team is united by our love for dogs and a strong belief in the need for dogs to be fit, strong, and healthy. Coming from a variety of different backgrounds such as dog handling, sports sciences, and veterinary sciences, we bring a range of skills to the job, ensuring that we are helping our dogs achieve their best in exercise as well as in their pre & post-exercise.

For us, working with dogs is never just a job. Working consistently with dogs allows us to form a special bond with the dogs, and we take pride in their continual progression as well as ensuring absolute safety and wellbeing without compromise. Most of all, we believe in the joy of exercise, and hope to do everything we can to get your dog fit for life!

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One of our Senior Trainers, Leo's calm but assertive dog handling combined with high energy during training ensures brilliant execution of our training programs for your dogs. He is very experienced with fitness and detail orientated allowing him to plan, explain, motivate and  big-energy energy trainer who is also calm and assertive when handling dogs. 


Bonnie came to Barker & Pooch from a dog boarding background to gain more experience in her pursuit of veterinary studies. Connecting well with every dog, Bonnie provides excellent massages and stretches to aid the dog’s recovery, whilst also being capable of leading and assisting in the dog’s exercise and training programs.

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With a background in personal training and coaching in gyms like Virgin Active and F45, Joshua's fitness expertise has been a welcome addition to the Barker & Pooch team. One of our senior trainers, Joshua's capability at working with a huge variety of dogs combined with his ability to create high energy and adaptable training programs has allowed him to excel in delivering results whilst keeping the owners informed and the dogs having fun.

Kai Xuan

Kai Xuan chose to work at Barker and Pooch because she was interested in canine fitness and she wants to expand her expertise in sports science. As a Sports Science student, she hopes to expand her expertise while working here. This job allows her to step out of her comfort zone and her knowledge to a greater extend. She enjoys getting to work with dogs of different breeds, temperament and training goals.


Seeking to improve canine lives by promoting a healthy lifestyle through his love and passion for dogs, Roshan thoroughly enjoys working with dogs daily here at Barker & Pooch. The different skills gained through this job has added onto his background in veterinary technology which helps him to educate and help dogs live a long and healthy life. Furthermore, his time working here helps him to constantly expand his knowledge on animals.

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Coming to Barker & Pooch with a desire to impart a longer active life to our furry companions, Raj's gentle demeanor allows him to perfectly execute his duties in Post-Exercise care. Capable of handling the many different kinds of dogs who come down to train at Barker & Pooch, Raj consistently ensures that the dogs have a good experience and that they end their day at Barker & Pooch looking (and smelling) amazing.


An animal lover since young, Sarah joined us at Barker & Pooch as soon as she found out about us. Eager to learn more about canine fitness and to be able to work with dogs of different breeds, Sarah has been a constantly reliable champion of our Post-Exercise Care zone. Despite her small size, she does not let even some of our biggest working dogs push her around, proving that her exemplary handling skills matched with her great personality has allowed her to find herself a home with us.


Coming from the Navy, where she took charge of fitness activities and programs for her ship, Aman joined Barker & Pooch through her love for dogs and her and similar mission; to give dogs a longer active life. Her experience from the Navy allows her to create, customize, and excecute superb training regimes for any dog.

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